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Getting Support from Professional Companies While Buying Patient Beds

Recommendations from the immediate environment and comments from the press are important before the patient receives the bed. Corporate companies have websites. The company's products and services can be examined in detail through these websites. Corporate working companies are the organizations that will provide detailed information to the patients who will receive patient beds. In addition to sales services, they will provide patient bed rental service. After-sales technical service issues are among the issues that these companies attach importance to.
It is possible to obtain both economic and quality designs from our company within the patient bed models.
Patient Bed Designs for Elderly Patients
Among the hasta yatağı designs recommended for elderly patients, air bed models are beds of the recommended type. Thanks to the air channels passing through them, the patient's blood flow rate will change and the formation of skin wounds will be recommended. Skin wounds are an important problem for elderly patients. It is inevitable for skin wounds to be opened for elderly patients lying in bed for a long time. The only way to avoid this situation is to choose air bed designs. Air cool bed designs also feature cool features. Thanks to the skin's breathing, opening of skin wounds will be prevented. The sponge technology in these beds is also suitable for patients requiring special care.

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  • Dec 18 2019
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