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Top PHP Development Tools for Efficient PHP Developers

PHP is the most used server-side scripting language for building large scale websites. The reason behind its popularity is its extensive features. It has various readymade scripts, detailed documentation, and a strong community. Along with this, it supports numerous frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend, Yii, CakePHP and etc. There are a few PHP Web Development tools that you can use to increase programming efficiency.  

With the emerging new technologies, the market is flooded with various PHP tools; choosing one of them is a daunting task for the web developers. Hence, I have listed the top PHP tools which are always the preferable choice of web developers.

1)      PHPStrom:

PHPStrom is a light-weight in nature, fast and smooth tool which is the most standard choice compared to other tools. This PHP IDE will allow you to work easily with PHP frameworks such as Zend, Yii, Laravel, Symfony and other well-known CMS like Magento, WordPress, Drupal and many others. Apart from this, it also supports live editing features for several front-end technologies like CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and etc. The PHP developer can integrate the databases, version control system, command-line tools, and many other tools.


  •     Code-completion
  •     Code re-arranger
  •     Support Native ZenCoding
  •     Zero Configuration Debugging

2)      Netbeans

Netbeans is also one of the most widely used PHP IDE for PHP Application Development. This tool provides many rich features that support multiple languages. This tool offers many essential features which support many programming languages. Initially, it is used for Java development. But, after the arrival of the recent version, it can be used for PHP development.


  •     Code formatting & folding
  •     Smart code completion
  •     Syntax Highlighter
  •     Getter Setter generation

Moreover, both tools are fully packaged with effective features and capabilities to allow building PHP websites easily. You can explore more paid and free tools as per your requirement.

  • Shalini Panchal
  • Feb 14 2020
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