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How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Spirit Airlines?

A detailed guide on how to book group reservations with Spirit Airlines

Do you wish to travel in a group at an economical fare but have no idea with which airline you should book their reservations? Then, it is suggested to the passengers that they plan their group trip with Spirit Airlines.

Besides, for the passengers who have no idea on Spirit Airlines Group Travel, they can read out the details mentioned in this article. Also, one can contact the airline customer support for assistance.

About Group travel service of Spirit Airlines

The group travel service of Spirit Airlines is a service that offers a single for all the passengers included in the group travel. Also, this service is not discounted, and it is required that the traveler quote a fare for confirming the group reservations.

Further, this service is ideal for a group of 10 or more passengers who wish to travel by booking a single itinerary.

Benefits of group travel service of Spirit Airlines

  • The passengers are offered with confirmed seats for 10 or more passengers without payment until 60 days before the departure.

  • Free name change service until 30 days before the actual departure.

  • The option of ticketless travel

  • Special travel assistant to resolve queries regarding group travel

How to book group reservations with Spirit Airlines?

  • For confirming group reservations with Spirit Airlines, the passenger is required to fill a group travel request form. While filling up the form, the passenger needs to provide the travel details and attach the required documents.

  • Once the form is submitted, the passenger will be offered with the quote within 3 business days.

  • After that, the passenger can confirm the group booking by making a payment for the same.

Other important pointers:

  • In the case of non-refundable, a booking fee of $5 is due to confirm the group booking.

  • A booking fee of $40 is due per person within 7 days of the booking if the travel is outside 60 days, and full payment is due if the travel is within 60 days.

  • Also, individual cancellation is not allowed for the group reservations.

Besides, for queries regarding Spirit Airlines group travel, one can feel free to contact the airline travel specialist for assistance.

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