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A destination streamlined with the cleanest beaches, crystalline sand dunes, soul-quenching backwaters, exquisite flora and fauna – the mesmeric town of Kerala has always been eminent for its bountiful resources, natural reserves and, of course the science of yoga and Ayurveda, including the very infamous martial art form, of which this land is the origin – Kalaripayattu.The birth mother of Ayurveda rewards a soul with the ideal environment and resources for deep internal self-reflection, and for undergoing a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.A Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala at the best Yoga Schools in Kerala introduces the practitioner to the gifts that can only be relished for a lifetime. Ekagra yogpeeth has always been fond of this place for its sanguineness and healing treasures. Undergoing a Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala India at Ekagra yogpeeth is a rewarding experience. The cliff top location of the school provides a breathtaking panorama of the crystalline beach, wide garden spaces, herb gardens, and mesmeric country life. Only a few breaths away from the magnificent sea, the yoga teacher training experience here becomes truly delightful and authentic as the students are led through a highly invigorating journey of yoga under the admiring tutelage of the much-revered Yoga and Ayurveda teachers.The town offers the ideal ambiance, appropriate resources, and widely honoured yoga teachers for imparting the education of yoga to the students through the renowned Yoga Certification Courses in Kerala.

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  • Mar 23 2020
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