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How do I recover my Hotmail account password?

Easy Steps To Recover Your Hotmail Account

There are not many way email providers out there and Hotmail is certainly one of the most popular of all. Hotmail provides a user-friendly interface for all the users thus it is quite easy to use it. In addition to this, the security is also quite strong, therefore all your personal details remain intact and therefore no one can access it. If you are one of the users of Hotmail then you must know how Hotmail sticks to the policies.

Quick Steps To Recovery –

If you are an active user of the Hotmail services and you have forgotten your password then you can follow the given steps for recovery –

1)Go to the log-in page of Hotmail, enter your email account, and click on the forgot password option.

2)Then you will proceed to the recovery pages, where you have to enter your phone number.

3)The phone number that you enter must be linked with the account you are trying to access.

4)You will receive a verification code. Enter it in the provided space.

5)In case you do not know the password, you can also enter your email to get the two verification link.

One other that you can also use for Hotmail password recovery is using the security question that you answered while signing up for the account. Make sure that whatever information you enter while creating an account must be authentic and genuine.

  • John smith
  • Jan 25 2021
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