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Coin Master Event List 2020

Coin Master Event List 2020

Unprecedented Events

These Special events give the doing engaging soul to Coin Master!

The showcase events are issues with various new and enabling missions! Extension your advancement by Attacking and Raiding your fellow Vikings! Attacks will rely on the development bar whether they are hindered by Shields or the Rhino and even get you extra concentrations on the way!

Turn to get 3 themed pictures clearly to make the advancement bar and advance rapidly to more huge and more undeniable prizes!

Assault Madness

The Raid Master event gives a by and large more irrefutable experience to Raids!

During this event, each Raid on another Viking's Village will move you closer and closer to staggering prizes! Each season of the event has reliably more fundamental guidelines and more basic prizes.

Town Master

The Village Master event is an amazing system to venerate your advancement!

Each Village completed will get players reimburses that no other event ensures! The further your improvement in the game, the more essential the prize you will get!

Bet Blast

The Bet Blast Event makes a tremendous arrangement about your distinctions with higher Bets and more critical prizes!

Effect through Villages, Raid your associates, Attack your foes – all with up and over Bets and galactic prizes!

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  • Feb 5 2021
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