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Dominate the Edtech industry by involving in Udemy clone app development

Udemy is the undisputed leader in the online learning industry after launching in the market more than a decade ago. A wide variety of choice is available for close to 50 million learners with more than 155,000 video courses. Udemy offers courses in 65 languages in 180 countries with more than 400 million enrollment of students.

How does the Udemy app clone script operate?

  • A robust admin panel - All the courses and the list of teachers available will be displayed. Students can book appointments beforehand with course instructors. The admin will review the course material provided by the experts before posting them officially on the platform. He can add or remove students and instructors from the learning platform.

  • The course instructor will have a separate dashboard - They can clear the doubts of the students quickly either through text, audio, or video. It is used to see the total students enrolled for a course and the progress made in the particular subject by each student. The tutor can share his real-time insights through video conferencing and screen sharing.

  • The student panel - It is used to browse the lectures offered in a course, access the completion certificates, download the lectures and view it offline, register for new courses, and rate the quality of the courses and knowledge level of the instructors.

As part of the Udemy clone, we provide Android and iOS apps, an e-learning website, and an admin panel. The other solutions include a 100% bug-free source code, free installation of the solution, configuration, 24x7 technical support, maintenance for bug resolution, and ticketing support. Visit our site to get more:>> Udemy clone app

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  • Feb 23 2021
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