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How to set goals of life and pursue them religiously

Life is supposed to be spent with a purpose. It can be anything but every human being needs to have a motive in life to live it to the fullest and to be beneficial for themselves and society. Having a well-defined purpose in life keeps you motivated and allows you to lead a meaningful life. The important thing is that you don’t only have to set a goal but have to take measures to pursue it and struggle for it until it is achieved. Moreover, you have to set a goal that is beneficial for you and society. It is better to set your targets while in college as then you will have a clear path to follow in the form of your studies, internships and other activities. College is the best time when you should decide what you want to achieve in life and start working towards it.

If you are confused about the ways you can set a goal and start working to achieve it, then the following tips will help you.

Be specific about what you want in life

You have to be very clear and specific about what you want from life. You have to be passionate about the target you want to achieve otherwise you will lose motivation and commitment. If you are having trouble to clarify, it is better to write it down on a paper and put it at a place where it is visible. Writing down things is a great way to give a clear picture to yourself.

Critically analyze what makes you happy

While setting your life goals think only about yourself and not about your parents or your life partner. It may sound selfish but to be somewhere you have to be completely honest with yourself and understand that either it is making you satisfied and happy or not. You have to feel fulfilled first if you want to do something about others.

Set short terms targets as a way to reach the end goal

Achieving your ultimate goal will depend on a lot of short term targets. All these short term targets will serve as a stepping stone on the path of your destination. Set monthly or yearly goals and make sure that they are taking you a step further towards the place you want to be.

Be realistic

Challenge yourself but remember to keep realistic expectations. Know yourself, your pace, the time you have in hand and your surroundings and then set the short term and long term targets. It might take you longer than anyone else as you will have different resources and limitations. For instance, to get good grades your friends might be able to score high in written assignments but you have to Pay Someone To Do My Assignment as writing might not be your strength.

Analyze your intellectual strengths

As mentioned earlier while setting the goals keep realistic expectations and for that, you have to critically analyze your intellect and situations. You have to be honest about the things you can have or do and what you cannot but this doesn’t mean that you can stop challenging yourself. Set the goals according to your interests and talents then accept all the challenges in the way.

Keep a record of your progress

Keep on reflecting on where you were and where you will be. Keep a track record of your successes and make sure to reflect upon the failures to know the causes.

Hold yourself accountable

If you fail to achieve something, you don’t have to blame anyone not even yourself but you need to know exactly what went wrong that causes this setback. If you find a mistake, take it as an opportunity to learn and make yourself better for the next attempt.

Keep rewards to stay motivated

Rewarding yourself after achieving a short term goal is a way to keep yourself motivated and inspired. If it works for you, keep simple but valuable rewards so that your enthusiasm stays intact.

  • George Faulkner
  • Sep 12 2019
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