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Don't Forget To Add These Points While Making A New CMS.

There would be many aspects that boost CMS. A good content management system must be designed by considering these 10 steps:

  1. Easy Administration
  2. Powerful Publishing tools.
  3.  Strong SEO methods and structures.
  4. Social media involvement.
  5. Deep Analytics.
  6. Robust Templates
  7. Business analytics.
  8. Multiplatform options.
  9. Integrated Security / Certified SSL Encryption.
  10. Easy Workflow

These 10 steps should keep in mind while designing any CMS. When I was designing Essay writer online; I kept my focus on the users need and considers them dumb. Remember I used 'Dumb' in the sense that your clients are not technical and might not have the same mindset as yours. So we have to consider them as they are not familiar with technology and design our System with easiest and compatible features that everyone can understand easily.

  • Niko Kovac
  • May 15 2019
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