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Letter grades should be replaced with pass or fail

I strongly agree with the above statement that letter grades must be replaced with the pass or fail. It will enhance the performance of the students know what they got. Letter grades never prove to be a fruitful way to appraise students. It creates much competition among students which is not always favorable for the students. In the form of competition students never ever learn. Sometimes it has been observed in order to get good grades students do not put much of their efforts in their studies while preparing for the examinations. They pass that time in leisure activities and always successful in passing examinations from unfair means.

If the letter grades replaced with a pass or fail so they think to put efforts into learning their lessons on a regular basis and try to pass the examinations with their own efforts. It will create pressure on the students when grading system is being followed in examinations. Sometimes it is observed that students failed in examinations or underperformed because of having grade phobia. Moreover, if the pass fails technique is used in the results so students always try to pass the examinations by putting their all possible efforts. It has been observed that in order to get a distinction in the subject students to hire assignment writing service - in order to get their assignment done of top quality. Though they get good marks such students never are able to perform well in the final examinations. Conclusively, it can be true to say that the letter grades should be replaced with a pass or fail.
Another justification of the above threat is that kid got mad when they got C or D grade in the examinations. But, if they have just passed or fail format so they feel happy and tell their results to their parents happy. So letter grades must be replaced with a pass or fail.

  • Jacob Arch
  • May 21 2019
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